Jacob and Fanny Speak Candidly with Pop Culturalist

Partners in life and music, pop duo Jacob and Fanny explore vulnerability in their recently-released ballad “Hold On To Me” which marks the sophomore single from the couple’s forthcoming inaugural self-titled EP due June 7 via KOBALT/AWAL.

Recently they spoke candidly with Pop Cultualist about their relationship, their music and being signed by L.A. Reid at Epic Records. Read the full interview here.

Pop Culturalist: How did the two of you meet? When did you know you wanted to form a group?

Fanny: When I first left Montreal, I was working with a vocal coach in New York. Jacob was also one of her students and she tried to get us to write together, but we didn’t connect until later.

Jacob: When I moved to L.A., I wrote my vocal coach and she said, ‘Fanny just moved there, too! You have to get together!’ So we met at a cafe on Melrose Ave. and ended up spending the entire day together. We started writing songs together and fell in love.

Fanny: But at first, we avoided doing the band because we thought it was too much—being a couple, writing together and being a duo. It wasn’t until our friend asked us to fill in a slot at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood that we decided to do it. The crowd loved it and we loved it. We recorded demos in our living room and six months later, we got signed by L.A. Reid.
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Michael Gowen