Night Gestalt Drops New Mix For National Stress Awareness Month

Feeling stressed lately? Night Gestalt has released a new mix to melt the stress away and help raise awareness during National Stress Awareness Month.

Los Angeles, CA (April 11, 2019) – The month of April is National Stress Awareness Month and Night Gestalt, the monikerfor the keenly experimental and ambient IDM music from Olof Cornéer, has released a “de-stress” mix to help bring mindfulness to the negative impacts of stress on the body.

After playing hundreds of shows a year for ten years I know that it’s the things that you are most passionate about that also stresses you out. I know, because I almost burned out, and today, I’m not touring like that. I remember lying down a summer morning having a few weeks off, and just not being able to leave my bed. That’s the moment when I knew I had to change.

April is stress awareness month so I have recorded a soothing mix to help us all wind down, if just a tiny bit. It’s packed with the newest electronic music, contemporary classical pieces and anything in between that will help you float away.

In general, I don’t like when music is labelled as ‘music for something.’ It devaluates this magic thing we call music. But in a way, it’s not about the actual sounds, it’s about listening.

After checking this mix out, take out your headphones and go for a walk and just listen. It will make you feel better. I promise.”
— Olof Cornéer
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Tomorrow (4/12), Night Gestalt will release “Dark Summer,” the second single from the forthcoming sophomore album, New Glasir, a follow up to 2015’s acclaimed debut ONE. The new track—which offers a bed of arpeggios and vivid sonic textures in addition to vocal nuances—comes after the album’s lead single, “A Social Contract,” which dropped on March 15 in tandem the announcement of New Glasir. Listen/Share “A New Social Contract” here.

“Night Gestalt was born a few years ago when I felt the urge to get back to the electronic music I loved as a kid in the ‘90s,” says Cornéer, one half of EDM duo Dada Life. “It's a bit ambient, but it's also more song based. It's experimental and electronic, but it's also a bit post-classical. I started making arpeggios and realized I loved them so much I created the whole first Night Gestalt album around arpeggios. This new one is also based on arpeggios, but it's not as obvious. To me an arpeggio has everything that music needs to be interesting: rhythm, melody, harmony and structure.”

The 10-track New Glasir, mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering, is set for release on Friday, May 10 (via Slow Future Vault) and highlights Cornéer’s experimental ambitions within the electronic music landscape.

Contrasting Night Gestalt’s ONE and New Glasir albums, Cornéer says: “Musically the first album was black and white. It was the empty void of the universe. New Glasiris more melancholic. The first was only electronic bleeps and voices; very dark and spacious. New Glasir is piano and bleeps and is overall is more analog. The visuals go with the melancholy too. Golden hour sunset through VHS-nostalgia, instead of black and white.”

Each single from New Glasir will be accompanied by a B-side; a one-of-a-kind piece from Night Gestalt’s Vault Series. To those unfamiliar with the series, a track is put to vinyl then buried in an undisclosed location (could be on any continent) and then all digital stems, mixes and the master are destroyed permanently. There ends up being only one true piece of the music in existence—the buried vinyl record—at which point the GPS coordinates are released. 

To access the GPS coordinates for this Vault Series piece, stay connected to:

New Glasirtrack listing:  

“A New Social Contract”

“Can You Feel It”

“Dark Summer”

“Infernal Machines”

“The First Days After”


“The Many Names Of Light”

“And The Bells Sang Together”

“The Longest Night”

“The Last Days Of New Glasir” 

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