What is publicity and public relations?

The short answer…publicity is building awareness and exposure via the media (i.e. news features, interview features, exclusive premieres, reviews, etc… 

Is Milestone Publicity hiring? 

Currently we’re hiring for our internship program but you must be receiving school credit to apply (per California state law). 

What is consulting?

The short answer…consulting entails helping guide and educate you as to what you’ll need to create a strong game plan as you prepare the next steps in your musical journey. The goal is to assist in ensuring you’re positioning yourself in the best light for the public and industry. Inquire for additional information on this service. 


We need to build more awareness. Do you accept submissions?

Yes! Lead time is a key element of a publicity campaign’s rollout and timing announcements to the media properly so a campaign is executed effectively - so please contact us at least six-four months prior to impact date. 

We’re a new band and need help getting to the next level and planning next steps. Will you work with us?

At the very early stages of a new band or artist, a full-court publicity campaign investment may not be needed. In lieu, we offer a consulting service. 

How long has Milestone Publicity Been around?

Officially launched in 2019, Milestone Publicity is built from a prior decade worth of music industry experience—specifically in public relations—with solo artists, bands, tours, festivals and special events. You can read some Milestone client testimonials here.