Alt-rock Band The Sherlocks Release "Waiting" from Forthcoming 'Under Your Sky' (BMG) Album





Above: The Sherlocks; credit: Andrew Cotterill

Above: The Sherlocks; credit: Andrew Cotterill

LOS ANGELES (August 29, 2019) – The Sherlocks, the British alternative rock band formed by two pairs of brothers (vocalist/guitarist Kiaran Crook and drummer Brandon Crook; bassist Andy Davidson and guitarist Josh Davidson), have released “Waiting.” The new single marks the third song to be released from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, Under Your Sky, that’s due October 4 via BMGClick here to listen to “Waiting” which spotlights the band’s melodically hard-driving and dynamic delivery. Under Your Sky is available for pre-order now (here). 

 “Waiting”follows the new album’s lead single “NYC (Sing It Loud)”—which features actor Thomas Turgoose (“Game Of Thrones”) in the official music video—and second single “Magic Man.” 

The Sherlocks formed in 2010 and began releasing a series of singles and EPs leading up to their 2017 debut album, Live For The Moment  (BMG). Singles from that album like “Chasing Shadows,” which has over three million Spotify streams, and “Will You Be There,” which has logged over two million Spotify streams, have become fan favorites. Click here to watch a stripped-down Paste performance session from late 2017 which features these songs.

While Live For The Moment remains a shining insight into the hedonism and heartbreak of youth, Under Your Sky finds frontman Kiaran Crook writing songs which bridge the exuberance of youth with the reflection and maturity of young adulthood. That approach is perfectly demonstrated in the album’s lead single “NYC (Sing It Loud),” which received its exclusive first play courtesy of Annie Mac at Radio 1“I wanna see the world with you,” Kiaran sings, imagining “getting lost in the city for a day” with someone left behind.

“It was the first proper American tour we’d done and I was blown away by the place,” says Kiaran. “The other side was wishing certain people could be there to see it with me. When you know people are at home and you’re having such a good time, you think, ‘If you could see what I’m seeing.’ Even though I’m in New York, I’m still thinking about people at home who I wish could see New York who have never been and may never go.”

The songs are largely born from experiences, often specific to Kiaran in circumstance but largely universal in emotion. The driving “I Want It All” reminisces over a gloriously stormy festival weekend in Wales, along with other memorable moments Kiaran has spent with a special someone. Then the Springsteen-tinged “Time To Go” celebrates the more casual romantic encounter.

For Under your Sky, produced by The Coral’s James Skelly, the band spent four weeks working Monday through Friday at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios. The result is tighter, brighter and ultra-modern, benefiting from Skelly’s knack for focusing on a killer chorus and smattered with stylistic swerves into new wave, ‘80s textures and all-out feedback. It’s as much The Killers or The Cars as it is Catfish and the Bottlemen—a real 21st century rock record with stadiums in its sights. 

“The first album was us four in a room,” Kiaran adds. “We wanted to make it really raw like the Arctic Monkeys’ first album or Kings Of Leon’s. We wanted to capture the live sound and polish it up a bit. With this one we’ve taken it a step further and made it slightly smoother and put more keyboards in. Rather than having the guitars thrashing all the time we’ve tried being a bit sweeter with it. It sounds more contemporary; I can hear it on Radio 1.”

The band has become deeply embedded in the festival circuit. In the U.K. last weekend,they played energetic sets at Reading and Leeds Festival as well as a set at Victorious Festival, performing songs from both their albums. They’ve also recently announced that they’ll be headlining Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester, England in October. 

The band is expected to announce U.S. tour dates soon. 

 Under Your Sky track listing:

“I Want It All”
“NYC (Sing It Loud)”
“Magic Man”
“Time To Go”
“Give It All Up”
“One Day”
“Now & Then”
“Step Inside”
“Under Your Sky”

Above:  Under Your Sky  album cover art

Above: Under Your Sky album cover art

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