USA TODAY: 'What's Kiefer Sutherland listening to?'

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Ever wonder what songs Kiefer Sutherland might be listening to lately? USA TODAY has the acclaimed actor and musician’s playlist. See a selection below and click through to see all the tunes and why he favors them.

Kiefer and his band launched their U.S. tour last night in Austin, TX in support of the recently-released Reckless & Me (April 26/BMG) album. Major stops planed in Nashville for CMA Fest and the Grand Ole Opry next week.

‘A Boy Named Sue’ – Johnny Cash
A perfect example of why I love country music. A dead straight lyric that tells a story both heartbreaking and funny. Johnny Cash’s delivery is priceless.

’Purple Rain’ - Dwight Yoakam
Dwight Yoakam’s rendition of this Prince song is hard proof that a great song can succeed in any genre.

’Daniel’ – Elton John
My oldest brother and I were separated when I was 7. This was the first song that I ever heard that I felt was written just for me.

’If It Makes You Happy’ – Sheryl Crow
I love the double entendre of the lyric in contrast to the punchiness of the track. Just a fantastic song.

’Louisiana Rain’ – Tom Petty
Tom Petty’s descriptive qualities throughout this song always made me feel I was right alongside him. Perfect example of the poet and craftsman that he was.

’Love Needs A Heart’ - Jackson Browne
I’ve just always found this song to be profoundly moving.

’Mainstreet’ – Bob Seger
Incredible melody matched by his soulful delivery and a lyric that made me really feel like he knew what it was like to be 17.
— Kiefer Sutherland, USA TODAY