City Of Sound's Jordan Wright Chats with Cryptic Rock

Jordan Wright of City Of Sound opens up in an interview with Cryptic Rock.

“In music, there is sometimes a stagnancy where everything starts to sound the same. The result of following the wave of whatever is popular at the time, identities are lost, originality is thin, and the people yearn for something new. That is where a completely independent band such as City of Sound come in, ready to do things their own way. Very much in the Alternative Rock realm, City of Sound may not be a household name just yet, but with a passionate, emotional sound filled with ambiance and melody, they are certainly on the rise.

Led by Jordan Wright, together with Andrew Leigh and Lacey Ammar, they create a wall of sound that is both lively and unique to what others are doing at this time. So, the question is, are you ready for change? Anxious to make their next big move, Vocalist/Keyboardist Jordan Wright sat down to talk the premise behind the band’s sound, what to expect from their forthcoming debut album, Silent Empire, plus more. – City of Sound is an exciting, relatively new band out of Southern California. Being this is an introduction to many, tell us a little bit of the backstory behind the band’s formation.

Jordan Wright – I moved out to LA to start my own band and to write and produce for some artists. I had been looking for people for about three years when I met Andrew sleeping on the balcony of an apartment that I was sleeping on the floor of! (Laughs) I met Lacey in Muay Thai gym actually. I had a really specific vision of what I wanted ‘City of Sound’ to be and I could not have found better people that wanted to jump on board.”

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