Rolling Stone Country Praises The Dryes' "Amen"

Rolling Stone Country cherry picked The Dryes' "Amen" as one of their their "10 Best Songs of the Week."

Check it out here.

Husband-wife duo the Dryes sing their origin story in the slinky ‘Amen,’ mingling potent sexuality with the salvation of love. ‘I met him singing in the church choir, lit up my heart like that holy fire,’ sings Katelyn Drye over a scuzzy guitar riff that recalls Norman Greenbaum’s classic ‘Spirit in the Sky’ and a strutting beat that could make the most conservative church lady clutch her pearls. Husband Derek adds harmonies in the chorus breakdown, a down-low gospel chant that asks the rhetorical question: ‘Can I get an amen?’ With a groove this tough, absolutely.
— Jon Freeman, Rolling Stone Country
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